RSD Drop for 29th August 2020


As you know RSD will now take place across 3 dates: August 29th, September 26th and October 24th.  These revised RSD Drops will not be like normal RSD events given the COVID-19 pandemic. Clearly, we need to observe social distancing rules in order to keep our customers and staff as safe as possible.

In order that we can maintain the principle of first come first served, but equally ensure responsible social distances practices, we are going to open the STRAND RECORDS’ shop from 08:30am on Saturday 29th August and operate a socially distanced queue.

This approach will consist of the following key elements;

  • Allowing customers to form a socially distanced queue outside of our shop
  • Keeping all customers 1m+ apart and serving on a 1st come 1st served basis as normal
  • Restricting the number of customers in our shop at any 1 time to an appropriate number
  • Asking customers to wear a mask
  • We may restrict the number of customers in the queue on the day if the queue begins to get unwieldy.

Please note that this guidance could change on a local or national level in response to COVID-19 and government guidelines.

Record Store Day – drops for August, September and October

Hi pop fans, you may recall that there will be three RSD Drops for 2020;

  • 29th August 2020 – vinyl listing here
  • 26th September 2020 – vinyl listing here
  • 24th October 2020 – vinyl listing here

RSD drops AUG

We realise that some of you sent lists of RSD vinyl ‘wants’ earlier in the year but please can you take a look at the ‘new’ listings of releases;

Please let us know what you would ideally like us to stock for each of the RSD Drops.

Apologies for the quick turnaround, but ideally could you let us know by Saturday 11th July 2020 so that we can make sufficient requests to suppliers.

As you probably know, we are not allowed to save RSD items for customers but we will try to stock adequate copies of titles based on the interest we receive. No guarantees sadly but the better idea we have of people’s desires, the more informed our order to suppliers will be. Fingers crossed eh!

Thanks pop fans x