Lavinia Blackwall – debut album


Any fans of high-end folk pop may wish to pre-order the debut album from singer-songrwriter Lavinia Blackwall via this link; Muggington Lane End album (Bandcamp)

‘Vinnie’ will be known to many as the former singer of Trembling Bells, the Scottish folk group who released several albums and singles between 2009-2018. Vinnie is backed on her solo recordings by a crack team of musicians known collectively as Stilton; Marco Rea (The Wellgreen, Marbles), Seb Jonsen (Helicon, Tomorrow Syndicate) and Jim McGoldrick (The Wellgreen).

Vinnie has a beautifully clear, pure voice and soaring vocal style which has drawn comparisons to Fairport Convention’s Sandy Denny in the music press. Vinnie writes remarkable music and lyrics as is evidenced by the singles, Waiting for tomorrow, Troublemakers and current single John’s gone.

Lavinia Blackwall and Stilton are big favourites of the Strand records team. We hope you enjoy them too.



Gene Clark – No other (1974)

Gene Clark 1

In the mid-1960s, Gene Clark was the main songwriter and frontman for The Byrds. Although Gene departed The Byrds in 1966, his ability to write poignant, emotional and compelling music and lyrics never left him. Gene has an amazing back catalogue of compositions, but 1974’s No other album is arguably his crowning achievement.

Gene Clark certainly had the looks and the talent but he rarely seemed to have the timing or the luck to commercially push on from his time in The Byrds. Gene’s natural ability meant that he retained many supporters in the music business and, in 1974, David Geffen provided Gene with a recording budget of $100,000 to record No other. As you can tell upon listening to the album, every single dollar was well and truly spent.

Gene took the No other songs to L.A. producer Thomas Jefferson Kaye who created an incredibly stylish, opulent and multi-layered sound featuring an army of supporting players. On No other you will hear sophisticated, challenging arrangements featuring gospel choirs and swathes of swirling strings. Gene Clark wrote scores of amazing songs but on No other he seems to reach that little bit higher and dig that little bit deeper with Kaye encouraging him all the way. Of course, beneath the lavish sound we must remember that Gene’s songs are both strong and exquisite. Gene could probably play these songs backed only by a kazoo and they would still sound beautiful and delicate yet simultaneously powerful.

Creating this spiritual singer-songwriter classic took time and the ‘project’ ran over budget. This displeased David Geffen greatly. As a result, he provided no money for promoting the LP and so the album went criminally ignored upon release. In fact, No other remained misunderstood for c.20 years until interest in this outstanding piece of art began to grow. There was a dawning realisation that No other could no longer be casually dismissed as a piece of seventies cocaine-fuelled excess, but that it was a timeless work of great beauty, intensity, spirituality and emotion. It is no exaggeration to consider No other alongside Love’s Forever Changes and Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks.

4ad Records have released a remastered version of No other with the first ever 5.1 surround mix of this album (created at Abbey Road).

We are currently stocking the reissue album.

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Gene Clark – No other (1974) – Brand new vinyl reissue

New vinyl reissue of the 1974 classic on 4ad Records. The original tapes have been remastered at Abbey Road to create a 5.1 surround mix of the LP for the first time. Please note that this price includes second class postage and packing.