The Beatles top 10?

Compiling lists of top 10 albums, songs, films, books, etc. is notoriously difficult as we are all (hopefully) evolving, which means that our tastes develop. With a top 10, it is not easy to be true to yourself. How do you balance, for example, songs that meant a terrific amount to you as a young person with those tracks that increasingly resonate with you as a, erm, not so young person?

Anyway, these difficulties are greatly accentuated when dealing with a band like The Beatles who were not only one of the most important popular music artists of all time, but who recorded in excess of 200 songs. Well, I (Strand Records’ Dave) am going to try anyway because The Beatles are the first band I collected records by and they remain my favourite ever band. As an attempt to prove my long-standing love of the fab four, here is a snap of me in 1981 with one of my Beatles’ posters (I had lots) and the photos from the White album, (oh, and a Bad Manners’ poster too!).

Dave Beatles

  1. In my lifeflawlessly made, right down to the harpsichord solo from George Martin
  2. We can work it outharmonium-propelled perfect pop
  3. Let it bejust so powerful, and also poignant given the timing of this recording
  4. No replywhat an album opener – so downbeat for a band on ‘top of the world’
  5. Here there and everywhereExquisite
  6. Strawberry fields forever – still sounds other worldly and futuristic to me
  7. The Long and winding road – the ballad of the band
  8. Don’t bother mehigh-octane beat track from George Harrison
  9. I’ll be backone of many beautifully crafted ’64 tracks, it has no chorus BTW!
  10. Don’t let me downit’s the rooftop concert, it’s a big sound

Whilst compiling this top 10, a lot of anxiety was generated. I mean, where on earth is; Penny Lane, Ticket to ride, Blackbird, Nowhere man, I am the Walrus, Rain, Hello Goodbye, Glass onion, Tomorrow never knows, Yes it is, For no one, Here comes the sun, I will, Mother Nature’s son, I’m only sleeping, Hey Bulldog, A Day in the life, What you’re doing, Sexy Sadie, There’s a place, etc. etc. etc.

Maybe I would have been better off assembling a Fab Forty instead!

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