Record Store Day – drops for August, September and October

Hi pop fans, you may recall that there will be three RSD Drops for 2020;

  • 29th August 2020 – vinyl listing here
  • 26th September 2020 – vinyl listing here
  • 24th October 2020 – vinyl listing here

RSD drops AUG

We realise that some of you sent lists of RSD vinyl ‘wants’ earlier in the year but please can you take a look at the ‘new’ listings of releases;

Please let us know what you would ideally like us to stock for each of the RSD Drops.

Apologies for the quick turnaround, but ideally could you let us know by Saturday 11th July 2020 so that we can make sufficient requests to suppliers.

As you probably know, we are not allowed to save RSD items for customers but we will try to stock adequate copies of titles based on the interest we receive. No guarantees sadly but the better idea we have of people’s desires, the more informed our order to suppliers will be. Fingers crossed eh!

Thanks pop fans x

Joy Division – “Unknown pleasures”, “Closer” and three classic 12″ singles


Unknown pleasures landed in 1979. Where the sound came from is anyone’s guess! In all probability, Messrs Curtis, Hook, Morris and Sumner intended to create a noisy punk record. That did not happen. A special kind of magic occured in Strawberry Studios, Stockport in spring ’79. Many words have been used to describe Joy Division’s debut album; bleak, scary, mysterious, austere, industrial, brooding, gloomy, dark, chilling, sad, intense, etc. Ultimately, this astonishing album still sounds like the future despite being released over 40 years ago. Once you have heard Unknown pleasures, you can never forget it.

Ian Curtis’s lyrics are honest and unflinching, the guitars are minimalist and, at times, howling, the bass and drums deeply pulsate. Over this powerful, surging instrumentation is the production of ‘fifth Beatle’, Martin Hannett who generated a unique effects-laden, cavernous sound. Stockport’s Spector displays a brave, imaginative and ‘anything goes’ attitude to production.

Unknown Pleasures gives the listener ten tracks of raw, committed lyrics, disoriented melodies and brutal, dogged rhythms. The futuristic sound makes it feel as though Unknown pleasures is a new release. The album is so full of energy. Oh, and you get Peter Saville’s iconic Factory Records’ sleeve of course.

WE CAN OFFER THE ICONIC “UNKNOWN PLEASURES” ALBUM FOR £15 (free delivery in Stoke-on-Trent or £3 postage for up to three albums outside Stoke-on-Trent). Just contact us via the form below. Payment is via paypal.

Please note that the following Joy Division reissues are all being released on Friday 17th July;

    • Transmission/Novelty 180g 12″ – £12
    • Love will tear us apart/These days 180g 12″ – £12
    • Atmosphere/She’s lost control 180g 12″ – £12
    • Closer 40th reissue 180g LP on Crystal Clear Vinyl – £21

We offer free delivery in Stoke-on-Trent or £3 postage for up to three albums/12″ outside Stoke-on-Trent.

The three non-album singles ‘Transmission,’ ‘Atmosphere‘ and ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart‘ are being reissued with 2020 remastered audio. Since the demise of Factory records, these singles have never been repressed or reissued before and are cut on 180g vinyl, featuring the original artwork on heavyweight board. ‘Transmission‘ will feature an embossed sleeve.


If you wish to order either Unknown pleasures, Closer or any of the three non-album singles ‘Transmission,’ ‘Atmosphere‘ and ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart‘, please contact us via the form below. Payment is via Paypal.

Please note that, in addition to our free local (Stoke-on-Trent) delivery and our standard £3 for up to three albums/12″ 2nd class delivery options, we can also offer 1st class postage and next day delivery options. If you require these options, please just let us know.

Thanks x


Kevin Rowland’s “My Beauty”

The Strand boys were big fans of Dexys Midnight Runners back in the 1980s and remain fascinated by the music and trailblazing exploits of Dexys’ main man Kevin Rowland. It’s fair to say that Kev is singular-minded in his approach to life, music, culture and fashion. It’s no exaggeration to say that he is a hero for Strand Records. In fact, the Strand boys used to talk about opening up a record shop and cafe called The Little Nibble in honour of a spoken word moment during the track This is what she’s like from 1985’s mighty album, Don’t stand me down.

Rag Doll

Anyway, why are we discussing Kev now? Well, it’s because of this amazing 2020 video for Kev’s version of Rag Doll which he released on 1999’s My Beauty album of covers. The video features Kev’s grandson Roo. The My Beauty album is being reissued on 25th September via Cherry Red. Rag doll was originally written by Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio and was first released by the Four Seasons in 1964.

Back in 1999, My beauty was not only dismissed as an artistic and commercial failure but it was ridiculed for the sleeve; Kev wearing a dress and stockings during the ‘macho’ era of  ‘lad rock’. The backlash Kev received was frightening really.

In 2020, hopefully we can all celebrate the music of My Beauty and the spirit of the Rag Doll video. All of us are authentic. Many of us may have had to hide elements of ourselves for fear of ridicule or victimisation. We each have an identity. The wonderful music Kev creates is borne of his love, yearnings, defiance, honesty, frailties and passion. His very soul.

We all need to acknowledge the importance of humanity and acceptance.