Saint Etienne – “Foxbase Alpha” (1991)

st etienned new

Right, let’s get this out of the way immediately … WE LOVE SAINT ETIENNE. The haircuts, the sleeves, the nostalgia, the t-shirts, the jumpers, the knowing pop references, Debsey Wykes, the feather boas, etc. Their debut album Foxbase alpha from 1991 remains a unique fusion of 1960s sunshine pop, techno, girl groups and ambient dub. The album hit us like a bolt out of the blue because it arrived during the grunge explosion of the early 1990s and the Strand Records’ boys were never very big on that whole Seattle slacker scene (yes, we do respect Kurt Cobain though … he wore a BMX Bandits T-shirt).

Whilst so many kids were, erm, headbanging to the angst-laced bedroom rock, we were shaking our booty to the Beach Boys pop meets dance sound of Saint Etienne. As mentioned, Saint Etienne’s sound on Foxbase Alpha was so eclectic. You can hear the Brill Building, daisy age hip hop, wall of sound and Belgian new beat in these grooves.

st etienne 2

There is a distinct dub and house culture feel to Foxbase alpha but then there is also a perfect pop sound too. The timeless Nothing can stop us has such a Northern Soul vibe. Bet you can’t keep your feet still when this comes on the decks.

Saint Etienne’s version of Neil Young’s Only love can break your heart will leave you feeling all warm inside and you will also find downbeat ambience (Stoned to say the least), a soul ballad (Carnt sleep) and dub pop (Like the swallow) within the grooves.

This is a super debut of varied sounds and we are currently stocking the reissue LP.

Please note that, in addition to the purchasing option below, we can also offer 1st class postage and next day delivery options as well as click and collect. There is also free local (Stoke-on-Trent) delivery on orders over £30. If you require any of these options, please just contact us.

Saint Etienne – Foxbase Alpha (1991) – new vinyl reissue

This is a brand new vinyl reissue copy of Saint Etienne's debut album from 1991. A fantastic mix of Beach Boys, Dub, 60s girl groups, ambient, techno, etc. The price includes second class postage and packing.






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