The Fall – top 10?

The Fall

Now then, it’s probably impossible to pick a definitive top 10 for THE FALL but Dave from the grand, incredible Strand Records is gonna try anyway . . .

  1. A figure walks
  2. The Classical
  3. Eat y’self fitter
  4. I am Damo Suzuki
  5. Container drivers
  6. Prole art threat
  7. Frightened
  8. ROD
  9. Bill is dead
  10. Rowche Rumble

Eagle-eyed Fall fans will have spotted that these tracks all date from 1979 – 1990. I was really into THE FALL up to, and including, 1994’s Middle class revolt. After that LP, I only saw the band another three or four times. Clearly, this means that my top 10 is effectively the top ten of THE FALL’s first 15 years or so. I still regularly play the band’s output from their initial recordings up to 1986’s Bend Sinister.

A Figure walks is from the lo-fi, eerie Dragnet album (1979) and I remain fascinated by the primal nature of this track. Four of the tracks in the top ten are album openers; The Classical (1982), Eat y’self fitter (1983), Frightened (1979) and ROD (1986). That says a lot about the strength of these particular songs. All of them are very special and Eat y’self fitter in particular has to be heard to be believed. THE FALL digged repetition.

Container Drivers (1980) is rockabilly on speed whilst I am Damo Suzuki (1985) is a very literal tribute to the Can singer. The desperately urgent Prole art threat (1981) sounds like a runaway train to me and it really gets the pulse racing.  Bill is dead (1990) saw Mark E Smith ‘crooning’ in a poignant tribute to his Dad. Rowche Rumble (1979) sounds like a bunch of schoolkids from Bedrock have gone crazy ape bonkers in the music room.

We currently have a number of THE FALL albums (new reissues) and they are all £19 (which includes postage and packing). The albums we have are; The Wonderful and frightening world of (1984), This Nation’s saving grace (1985), Bend sinister (1986), I am Kurious Oranj (1988) and the compilation Singles 458489 (1990) which is specifically listed below. If you wish to buy the latter, please just click on the Paypal link below. If you want to buy one or more of the other titles, just contact us and we will send you an invoice.

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Singles 458489 (1990) – vinyl LP

17 blistering tracks from The Fall’s ‘poppy’ period 1984-89, including Cruiser’s creek, Hit the North, Mr Pharmacist, Victoria, etc. The price includes 2nd class postage and packing.


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