Shop Life . . . my baby’s got the bends.


Hey pop fans, got some gaps in your Radiohead collection? . . . you can pre-order any of these XL releases at special prices before Thursday 2nd April.

Just use the ‘contact’ option below . . . and we’ll get back to you about Paypal payment

Radiohead . . . Pablo honey / The Bends / I Might Be wrong £15A moon shaped pool / Amnesiac / Hail to the thief / In Rainbows / Kid A / Ok computer / £17

Thom Yorke . . . Eraser £15. / Tomorrow’s modern boxes £17 / Amok £17/ Amina £18 / Susperia £19

Jonny Greenwood . . . Bodysong £15

More offers available from XL artists The Horrors/ Avalanches/ Prodigy/ Jungle /Gil Scott Heron and more . . . get in touch for details.

Shop Life 31.03.20


Shop life isn’t normal shop life at the moment. The physical shop has been closed since Saturday 21st March. We are all now in a crazy, scary COVID-19 world. For record shops, just like the majority of retail outlets, survival is the name of the game. With no bricks and mortar shop for the foreseeable future, it’s time to focus on the internet side of things to see if it can help us maintain the shop and business.
Here’s a few albums that folks have got in touch to buy this past week. #shippingsoon.#Queensofthestoneage #TheXX #SuperFurryAnimals #FranzFerdinand #MariaMckee #CurrentAffairs

If you are interested in any singles or albums, please get in touch. Thanks, Ken x

Do the Strand!

Strand Records_Final_300

Hello to all of you out there in blog land!

Strand Records is an independent record shop situated in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England, UK. The shop opened in 2013. This is our very first blog post so please be patient with us. We are folks of a certain vintage and we are finding our feet blog-wise.

We LOVE music and we want to share experiences of listening to, and generally engaging with, various genres of music. We will be posting details of music releases past and present and hope to introduce readers to some new sounds and maybe reacquaint them with some old faves.

Although we are new to blogging, please note that we are on the following channels; Twitter@strandrecords, Instagram strandrecordstoke and Facebook Strand Records.

Hope to ‘see you’ soon,

Ken, Kie and Dave x